There is only one place in the world where the fibers of the lotus plant are woven into scarves and shawls. It is a form of weaving that is entirely unique to Myanmar (Burma) and more specifically to the area surrounding Inle Lake.

The lotus flower has always held a special place in Burmese history, representing a Buddhist motif for purification of the spirit, the people of Myanmar claim that wearing the lotus thread makes you feel calm and meditative.

The origin of the lotus silk shawls goes back 100 years when a girl plucked a lotus flower from the lake to offer at the Buddhist pagoda. It was then that she noticed a trail of fiber from where she had cut the stem. She then used this fiber to spin and weave robes for the Buddhist monks, we are not sure if this is true but amazingly this ancient craft of weaving still continues today in the magical Inle Lake area.

Lotus silk is considered extremely luxurious and one of the rarest fibers in the world.There are more than 1,200 lotus flowers woven within a single scarf and each scarf takes about 2 weeks to complete. The is definitely the thing to buy when in Burma, for those not planning a trip anytime soon, you can shop our selection of luxe lotus scarves.

Photos courtesy of Hand and Eye Magazine, Tumblr, The Kind Craft,