We have good news for all our friends in New Delhi, our favorite Jaipur hot spot Bar Palladio just opened up the Bar Palladio Delicatessen at number D-16 Defense Colony. We recently chatted with the owner about this unique concept store stocked with epicurean treats and bespoke housewares.
What is the story behind Bar Palladio Delicatessen?
Bar Palladio is such a special place I wanted to create something that would allow people to take a part of their Palladio experience home with them. The Delicatessen shop is therefore both pantry and homewares boutique. For me the most important thing was to offer the public epicurean products from across Italy-- Sicily, Umbria, Liguria-- and of the highest quality.  As home chefs are becoming more interested in the experience of food and foreign cuisines, I wanted to introduce products that were delicious but also encouraged experimentation in the kitchen.
What is your Specialty?  
My favorite thing created for Bar Palladio Delicatessen are our luxury gift hampers.  Inside each of our floral block-printed totes are a variety of surprises: pasta, tea, and pestos alongside pistachio colored coffee cups, filigreed silver tea sets, etched glass wine decanters, floral block-printed cushions, hand embroidered linen napkins.  Our hampers-- Medici, Isola Verdi, Napoli-- are each a unique statement, making a gift both beautiful and personal.
Where are you located?
We are located at D-16 Defence Colony in New Delhi.  We recreated the Oriental follies of the European Courts of the 18th century in the design of a blue pavilion.  The space inside is the distillation of Palladio style with electric blue walls, an orange striped chevron ceiling, and Mughal floral murals.  
What type of crowd do you expect?
Bar Palladio Jaipur Delicatessen will attract a certain set of people who appreciate beauty, who believe in quality and the integrity of a product.  India today is filled with people who are looking for new, beautiful, and authentic experiences and who want to recreate these experiences for themselves at home.  I believe foodies, gourmets, and design buffs will stop in, as well as people curious to try out new tastes and experiment with different ways of living.
Who did the interior?
Marie-Anne Oudejans, the designer with whom I worked with in Jaipur on Bar Palladio.
All photos courtesy of Bar Palladio.